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About the company.

Our Production

Our production was organized in 2004. For the moment, we have complete production cycle of stranded strap magnetic circuit:

  • electrical steel cutting line for steel with a thickness from 0.5 to 0.08mm. This line also makes it possible to cut copper band in strips. The line efficiency is 1,000kg per shift. Production tools set enables to cut strips with a thickness from 10 to 90mm.
  • Winding machines enable to produce magnetic circuits from 10 size to non-standard size with a height up to 500mm of cores of and types to 550mm of magnetic circuit outer size of type made of steel with a thickness from 0.35mm to 0.08mm; equipment for cores production out of amorphous alloy makes it possible to coil cores accurate within 0.03mm.
  • Complete heat treatment cycle of products made of electrical, tool and amorphous alloys.
  • Vacuum impregnation plant enables to provide high quality of magnetic circuit monolithic nature. Possibility to create a vacuum up to - 0.95 enables to impregnate bands with a thickness up to 90mm deep with compound.
  • Dryer control tools enable to keep temperature accuracy up to 2 with the programmed rate of rise, maintenance and fall. This also provides a possibility of high quality monolithic nature products manufacturing.
  • Magnetic core cutting is performed by universal machine tools with cut accuracy of 0.2mm and with preservation of 85-95 angle; this provides minimum losses of transformer power and absence of acoustic noises in assembled transformers.
  • Quality control of magnetic circuits is performed by electrical measuring instruments with AC frequency from 50 to 200,000Hz and accuracy class of 0.2 0.5 S.
  • Finished magnetic circuit is packed for shipment to consumer in corrugated packaging, every set is wrapped up in paraffined paper beforehand (multisection magnetic circuit butt ends are conserved with corrosion inhibitor beforehand).
  • Magnetic circuit production time from the moment of order receipt to the moment of finished products shipment to consumer is 10 working days and depends on ordered magnetic circuit quantity and type.
  • Availability of complete production cycle of special production tools set, used in the process of stranded cores production, makes it possible to manufacture magnetic circuits according to customer performance specification.

Participation in Exhibitions

Our Company takes part in exhibitions all over Ukraine on a regular basis