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Magnetic Circuit Made of Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic

Alloy 5 (FeNbCuMoCoBSi)

Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Alloy 5 is a new material got by high speed melt-quench. Advantages of magnetic circuits made of this material are high induction at low coercive force, low losses for remagnetization at high frequencies, near-zero magnetostriction.

B type alloy is used for magnetic circuit production.

B type alloy has a round hysteresis loop, high permeability in low fields.

A magnetic circuit made of this material is used in measuring current transformers, chokes, pulse and radio-frequency transformers.

Typical Magnetic and Physical Characteristics
Characteristics Type
Magnetic induction at magnetic field intensity 800/m 1.2 T
Coercive force at magnetic field intensity 20A/m 2.5 A/m
Permeability at magnetic field intensity 0.1A/m 30 000
Squareness ratio 0.6
Maximum permeability 600 000
Specific loss (0.2T, 20kHz) 3 W/kg
Specific loss (0.2T, 100kHz) 35 W/kg
Specific loss (0.5T, 20kHz) 20 W/kg
Specific loss (0.5T, 100kHz) 250 W/kg
Coercive force (0.5T, 100kHz) 24 /m
Density 7.6 g/cm3
Specific electrical resistance 1.6 Ω´m´106
Long-term maximum temperature 240 °

We produce the following types of magnetic circuits out of amorphous (nanocrystalline) alloys: