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Multipurpose Non-Contact Loading Transformer


Multipurpose non-contact loading transformer () is designed for stepless control of commercial-frequency current and voltage during adjustment and alignment.

Design and Operating Principle

is a single-phase transformer, consisting of two parts: stationary and moving. The moving part travels by means of screw-type device. There is split primary coil, which as a rule is connected to linear line voltage of 380V, on the moving part.

There is changeable secondary winding on the stationary part.

Current and voltage control on secondary winding is performed by stepless change of magnetic flow by means of its redistribution during moving part travel.


It is possible to load different types of protections by primary current up to 6,000A in a long-time mode by means of .

It is possible to get current up to 10,000A for short term (within not more than 30s).

Secondary winding is easy to remove off the core. This makes it possible to install necessary type of secondary winding depending on nature of the work performed. Secondary winding has three modifications:

  1. urrent, split:
    1. copper bus bar 1319mm parallel I2= 6000 A, U2=4,75 V
    2. sequentially 32=6 turns I2= 2000 A, U2=14,25 V
  2. Welding-current:
    1. copper bus bar 319 sequentially 24 turns
      I2= 300 A, U2=60 V.
    2. Three sections with 8 turns each parallel
      I2= 1000 , U2=20 V.
  3. 3. Voltage winding for 1000 V:
    1. 840 turns (when primary winding is connected to voltage of 220V);
    2. wire ø 1.56 (2.00mm2, -2).
    3. Primary winding has 168 turns (12 layers with 14 turns each).
    4. Supply voltage U1 = 400 V
    5. Primary winding rated current I1 = 72
    6. Core is made of transformer steel of 3406 Grade with Δ0.3mm
    7. Section S = 64 cm2